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The latest source distribution is: Xarm-2.0.6.tar.gz

You may also choose a binary Setup Wizard if one is available for your platform.

The Xarm Setup Wizard is a tool designed to ease the installation and configuration of the Xarm Library.

Xarm Setup Wizard

The Setup Wizard is a stand-alone executable which will guide the user through extracting, configuring, compiling and even installing the Xarm Library. It is a statically linked X/Motif application and so should have very minimal system requirements.

After downloading the appropriate binary for your platform, you may need to make the file executable before you can run it. To do this,
simply type: chmod 0755 XarmSetup-Platform. Where Platform will match the particular binary you have. After this, just type ./XarmSetup-Platform to start the installation.

The list of available binaries is currently rather small, but hopefully it will grow over time. Of course, you can always download the source distribution if a binary for your platform isn't available.

Available Binaries

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