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Overview of Xarm

The Xarm library is a C++ wrapper of the Motif library and the Xmext library. This is intended as a tool to help individuals that program with Motif & C++. An attempt was made to follow the inheritance structure of the Motif widget set.

Xarm works with Motif 1.2.x, Motif 2.0.x, Motif 2.1.x and CDE.

Bug reports can be sent to Bug reports MUST include a *SMALL* example that reproduces the problem or a description of the problem. Patches are always welcome.

Cool logo by Phil Grim.

You can also view the documentation online.

Check out the Screen Shots.

You may want to download a Setup Wizard Binary for your platform if one is available. Of course, I am always interested in contributions from people who can provide binaries for platforms I don't have access to!

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